Thursday 13 May 2010

The celebrations last weekend went very well , it does not seem like 40 years ago that our little girl was born.
This post will be a bit short owing to the fact that my camera lens has stuck and so I cannot take any pics for you to see this week apart from the weekend ones. I will not bore you with those ,well maybe just the couple more of my 2 'children' and my dear other half..

I think Kate enjoyed herself and we all went home very full.Kate and her hubby Iain.

This is Graeme Sue and Ella and the idiot on the end is Jack .

Then I had to take another with out Jack lol.

Well thats our little family, and although I DO have some wips and a finish which cannot be shown as it is for the monthly challenge on Stitch and Stash. I am really pleased with it so will have to show you next time maybe. Ufo has had a little done to it.
I received Sarah Tobias today ,thanks to Clare for the info. Also a couple of CHS charts I thought I had better order in case I cannot get them in the future.
I hope you are all o.k. and thankyou for the comments.Shall try and get the camera fixed quickly.
Take care all hugs n stuff.
Barb x


Jane said...

Hi Barb
Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving your kind supportive messages for Buttons!
Your family photos are lovely and so pleased to hear the celebrations went well - family get-togethers are so worth it when they make happy pictures like yours.
Look forward to seeing pics of your WIPs and finish soon

Lesleyanne said...

Glad your daughter enjoyed her birthday celebrations. Look forward to seeing your WIPs and finish soon.

Christine said...

Glad the party went well

Mylene said...

Great family pictures! Glad to hear the celebration went well.

Sally said...

Lovely family photos Barb. Glad Kate enjoyed her party.

jane said...

Lovely pictures of the family Barb. Everyone looks as if they are having a great time but didn't you get someone to take a photo of you?
Hope Kate had a great birthday.
Looking forwardto seeing your stitchy pics soon

Carolien said...

Congratulations on your daughter's birthday! She has lovely eyes ... Glad you had a nice party.

Have a nice weekend & greetings,

Lainey said...

Lovely family photos, glad your daughter had a nice birthday. Look forward to seeing your stitchy pictures.

Julie said...

Great family pics, looks like you all have a wonderful time

Hope the camera in soon fixed.

Karan said...

Lovely pics Barb - looks like you all had a great time. Hope the camera problem is fixed soon - looking forward to seeing those stitchy updates. :0)
Oh & sorry for the hair shock. I started going grey in my early 30's (a family thing) & losing my parents hurried along the process somewhat. Hair was a mousy brown before then though. :0)

Karen said...

lovely family photos, belated Happy Birthday to your daughter

Nancy said...

Hi Barb! It's so nice to meet you, and thanks for your very sweet compliment. I did not win the competition, but the person that did is very deserving. All of the entries were gorgeous, and it would have been very hard to decide which one to vote on! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Heidi said...

The celebrations look like they were great fun Barb! Don't you hate it when something goes wrong with our computer and cameras? I had troubles over and over with my camera and made DH buy me a new one. This one works so much better too.

I am glad we can dance now together for me and I will be back to dance again for you. :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

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