Saturday 28 April 2018

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt.

Well here we are  and I was thinking it was earlier  than it  is hence the late  posting  of  photos.So how is  April treating you ,we had  Spring on a couple of days since last I wrote  ,but back to  doom gloom and  flippin rain.
I will  not dwell on  that subject  so here are my photos for this months challenge. Thanks Kate  once again for allowing me to join in.
The words  this month.
6.Own  Choice.

This is the end paper  of a Charles Dickens  novel Oliver Twist. You do not  find  many books  with these marbled end papers these days. It  reminds me of the beach and the way the sea makes  swirling patterns on  the sand.


It is not very sharp I am  afraid, but this is my Rock ,my other half with, our old dog we lost last year.Taken sitting on the Rocks at Portland in  Dorset. I spent my childhood clambering over these rocks . Simple  joys then and no fear, out from morning until dusk .
3. Wood.
The Bluebell Wood, at Pamphill  Wimborne Dorset. I just love this sea  of blue with just the hint of maybe sunshine through the trees.
Carved letters  on a memorial bench we  saw on  our travels, 

This had  me  wondering what on earth I could do for this one. Then I remembered these I stitched for Halloween a couple of years ago ,I love getting  these out every year.

6 Own Choice .
The Orchids on  my Kitchen windowsill,  The large white one has been in flower  for 4  years non stop, we were given  it by my son and daughter in law on their Silver Wedding Anniversary and last weekend they celebrated 29 years together. 
It has been rather a hasty put together this time , will endeavor to try harder  next time. Meanwhile I shall go and have a look  at the others ,you can  too ,by going to I live,I love I craft ,which is Kates blog there you can click on the links  to see what everyone else has chosen to post. Take care all , and  I will see you in May for another Scavenger Photo Hunt. However a normal blog post  is being  planned for soon.


Tigermouse said...

I love your choice for swirl, I've never seen an end paper like that in a book before, and the orchids are beautiful :)

Vickie said...

Oh Barb can I just say that even though it is not in very good focus, I LOVE number two. What a picture. What a treasure you have there.

Anonymous said...

Love the swirly paper and the bricks,

Rosie said...

How wonderful! Love rock, wood and balance. You have a lovely collection of orchids:)

Threads through my life said...

How I wish I could have an orchid plant; tried and failed miserably so am very happy to look at your plant. I too have some old books with marbled, swirly end papers. My favourite has to be wood; soon the blue carpets will be here too.

butterfly said...

Lovely post of photos , Love the orchid and yes the bluebell woods .
Enjoy your weekend .

Christine said...

Great photos Barb. I love those old marbled endpapers

KC'sCourt! said...

Love the photos, especially balance.

Julie xxxx

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Another lovely selection of photographs.

Julie said...

Loving the bluebells, and of course the pic of Ollie and Martin that is just beautiful.
Bless you xxx

Fiona said...

What a great Rock photo! The bluebell wood is so pretty and I'm very impressed with your Halloween stitchery.

kjsutcliffe said...

Lovely to see your photos and stories, I do love the paper at the front and back of the older books, some look like marbling others like you say like the ripples in the sand - beautiful x thank you for joining in x

La Papillon Bleu said...

Your bluebells are gorgeous and I would be wanting to show off the Halloween stitching all year round, thank you for your photos.

Susan Smith said...

Love your photos & think that your Swirl photo of the marbled papers looks like fabric that has been quilted. The bluebell wood is on my bucket list to see in full bloom one day. Take care.

Jak said...

Lovely pictures. That orchid is amazing. Love you end paper swirl. Pity we don't see them much anymore.

Louise said...

Lovely photo for rock. I also really like wood and swirl.

Fil said...

Your Halloween stitching is beautiful Barbara - so much work. I had a very long blooming orchid once too - it loved the window it was in - yours look very happy there.
Our bluebell wood is only just coming in to bloom now - it's amazing the difference 500 miles can make.
My absolute favourite though is the marbled end paper - it's a shame they don't put nice paper into books anymore.

angelasweby said...

Such a lovely selection Barb and interpreted in really unusual ways. I love those marbled papers found in ld books.. They remind me do much of the marbling we did in school when we were young; trays of water with oil paints squeezed in and swirled around. Then lots of fun patterns printed out on paper. Love all your photos, the names of places always remind me of my happy three years in Weymouth. Your Halloween balance is gorgeous. How lovely for you and Martin to receive a gift on your son and daughter in law's Silver a wedding :-) I never really liked orchids until I had one from my son and daughter in law for Mother's Day a few years ago now I have four and whilst they don't flower continuously, they do have flowers often. I really love the yellow one with the red centre.

Monty's Era said...

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