Thursday 30 November 2017

November. Hawthorns Scavenger photo hunt

The months go by so  quickly and here we are again  with another list of words  for us to interpret into photos. This time  I have included some Christmas type  ones and as I  will be  away in Salisbury tomorrow  the 30th I am posting a day early,hope that is  ok.
So number 1. is Blue.
An all shades  of  blue Christmas tree ,very pretty in our local garden centre.

2. Me.
This one was taken on the first of  November at Portland Bill, you can just see me behind the
enormous ice  cream my son  bought me.They had  coffee!!

3.Starts with a W.
West Bay just down the road from us, where Broadchurch was filmed.

 I  saw  these and  thought all the colours  of the rainbow where  in these.
5. Arch.
In the same  store  was this Arch flanked by 2  toy soldier figures.

Could  not   let a  post go  without Effie getting in on the  act,here  she is snuggled   up with  her toys on  the sofa.
Almost  asleep, but still making sure that her toys  remain  with  her.

A display of baubles caught my eye,  good  job I had my camera  with me that day.
A Hake Brush , used by artists and for using  in glass work.
A  few years  ago  my grandaughter Caitlin   wanted to do a project in stained glass for  school. She did  an arched window and this is a close up with one of the nails she  used.

10.Own  choice.
The  Christmas shelf from last year, with my Christmas cubes that I stitched  on display. On that note I will  wish you a joyful festive season  and a  happy time  for  you and yours. I see there is no  December list  so I shall   see you in January.Thankyou for  your kind comments and for continuing to read my ramblings.
Hugs  Barb.


Susan Smith said...

Lovely photos & I do envy your garden centres in UK. I bought a pair of soft stretchy slacks(in a short size) in the Tong Garden Centre last year & can never believe the assortment of things they sell along with all the gorgeous plants. Lovely dogs & their toys have been a hit with me throughout this particulars Hunt. See you next year hopefully. Have a happy Xmas & take care.

marly said...

My kind of ice cream cone!

Barbara said...

Barb, I always look forward to your picture scavanger hunt. You did not disappoint with this one! I absolutely love the blue Christmas tree but then that's my favorite color. Also the cliffs where the show was inspiring! I would love to visit England and feast on it's natural beauty...maybe one day. I hope you and your family have the Merriest of Christmas's and that Effie gets a good tickle and hug from Santa.
Hugs from across the pond,

Christine said...

Great pictures Barb, I love the swirl patterned glass baubles.
That is quite some ice cream!

Threads through my life said...

Where to start? Great photos and stories. Love the ice cream and how lovely it must be to live near those cliffs. Hope they are stable. Quite hard to choose a favourite photo so will give them all a tick VG!

Andrea said...

Great photos Barb.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year too.

Julie said...

What an ice-cream!
Nice choice of pics you captured for the Novembers words.
Effie does look protective of her toys.
I've never heard of a Hake brush before.

Rosie said...

Great photos and interpretations, love swirl. brush and toy also rainbow. Great to see West Bay too and your ice cream looks wonderful, I guess it took some time to get through. I remember being taken to Portland Bill as a child and going in a lighthouse there:)

Astrids dragon said...

All lovely photos, Effie was looked especially cute! I love the one of West Bay, I'm catching up on Broadchurch now.
Your Christmas shelf looks wonderful, I hope you are displaying it again this year.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely photos, especially the last one with the Christmas Cubes! I love the red bows you put on each one. I got mine out yesterday along with some other Christmas themed stitching.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A lovely selection of photos. Your Christmas cubes look magnificent.

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