Monday 12 December 2016

Red is the colour.

Well  hello my readers and how are you all.  I have as  you see by the header finished the cubes . What do you think.
Here  are the self same cubes  for you to see.
The next three.

The last three 
Martin  cut out the blocks for me and painted them white. I stuck red ribbon around  them to hide the fabric and added a little parcel bow to the tops ,wanted them to look like parcels. They have been admired by family when they have visited.The design was by The Primitive Hare on her fabric.I have ordered the LOVE ones to do for Valentines.
The christmas ornaments that I was stitching with Sally have been given to Kate and she has them hanging on her tree. I think I may have started something there as she  said  there is room  for more. Talking of ornaments I have 2 that have arrived from friends which are now hanging on my tree.  The first one that came is from my friend June who lives along the coast from me in Devon. I do not usually open gifts that come for Christmas but as it said ornament on it I thought I had better succumb. So pleased I did .Here what was in it.
I just loved the reindeer and the tiny sheep under the washing line. The little wooden reindeer was so cute and she also sent me this little sheepie to stitch ,which I will be doing very soon I think. Thankyou so much June , yours is on its way ,posted this morning so I cannot show you that. 
My good friend Sally that I stitch along with on Mondays and Fridays and on one week a month we stitch on something for  a week ,has sent me the exchange ornament that we do annually  . Of course being a Sally stitch it is perfect and it also is hanging on the tree. This is a design I stitched for a neighbour as I loved the words ,always promised myself I would do one for me ,but it has never happened.
Sally my stitching friend also sent along my exchange ornament and again it is so gorgeous. I stitched this a few years ago for a friend and have been promising myself that I will stitch it for myself one day. Now I do not need to ,thanks so much Sally, this is the pic of it.
Loved the little card too. The little present is under the tree. Along with Claires and Miss Julies  which I haven't opened  but Thankyou to those ladies too. Will be showing you what I have been sent at a later date. My tree is looking rather splendid , I have  to admit. 
About  a month or so ago we visited a  wood art gallery and I  was treated , to this bowl  which reminded me of  flames -the phoenix rising from  the  ashes.

 It is made from Sycamore. We went into another part and saw this. Made from wood and it so reminded us of Ollie and one of his friends  on the beach.  Just so clever . We came away mighty poorer but happy.
I do  not have a lot  to tell you, apart from  I have spent more time  at drs and hospitals than I have done in my life  this last month or  so.  However with medication  I think I will tick along. I do hope so anyway.I have also been stitching on Away we ride by Blackbird designs , this was put in the box of abandonment at the beginning of the year and  so I thought I would get it out again , this is where I am at and it has now been put away for  a while ,I shall be stitching with Miss Julie on this on Ufo Nights next year. 
Tonight I am startinWinter by Cross eyed Cricket . I was waiting for some hand dyed fabric to arrive, but it still has not arrived today  so I shall  use what I have , bit upset about it as I was promised it by the weekend. Oh well it will be used I am sure. Updated just had mail saying it has been dispatched so I will hold on until I see it . Sorry Sally but being your birthday I do not think you will be stitching , but if you are I will have an extra night  with it next week,I have one more ornament to finish too , which will go to Kate as soon as it is done.  I am sorry this is just a short post ,I think my talking head has gone walkabout. If I do not get back  before Christmas have a wonderful magical peaceful time .  Thankyou for sticking with me and please leave a comment for me. I know it sounds odd but this old dear sometimes feels invisible in this blogland lol.
Bye for now take great care ,love and hugs


Vickie said...

Oh Barb your cubes are wonderful! June certainly knows you!! Sally made a lovely gift! What gorgeous wood creations!
Merry Christmas dear NONinvisible Barb! :D

marly said...

Your blocks are really great! What a nice display, love the added bows. It's a pain to have all those appointments and tests, but in the long run, absolutely worth the peace of mind or the helpful treatment. Gorgeous bowl.

Christine said...

Love your Christmas "parcels"! Great job!

Andrea said...

Barb ... your cubes are fantastiv, love the design making up the word Christmas. Wonderful gifts, thoughtful ladies. A beautiful bowl too.

Have a very Happy Christmas.

butterfly said...

What a lovely post barb always nice to catch up with you.
Love your header and your blocks so pretty.
Love all your stitching and your exchange stitch with Sally .
I love watching both your stitching and how it grows .

Christine said...

The cubes are fabulous Barb!
Lovely ornaments too

Cindy's Stitching said...

Love the cubes. Great job. The exchanges and ornaments are so pretty. The bowl is so different. Love it.

Justine said...

No need to feel invisible....I love reading your blog! Your cubes are simply beautiful, can't wait to see the Love ones. Gorgeous gifts from June and Sally too. I saw Winter on Sally's blog and it's a lovely design so I'm looking forward to following your progress, your SALS are lots of fun!

Julie said...

The little cubes look adorable on your festive mantle. I bet Kate's tree looks stunning with her special 'mum made' ornaments.
Nice goodies you bought from the wood man.
Sally's ornament is perfect for you and such a pretty gift in the post from June.

Tina said...

Fabulous cubes,lovely finishing on them

Lovely exchanges,i bet your tree looks gorgeous as does your daughters ,lovely family heirlooms

The wooden bowl is realy unusual,love it

Have a lovely christmas xx

angelasweby said...

What a great post Barb. I love the cubes. Such a lot of work but the finished effect is really quite stunning. I love the gothic style lettering.
How lovely to have Kate's ornaments finished and already on display. It's so nice to give handmade gifts.
You've received some absolutely gorgeous gifts too. I love the ornament from Sally? Can I ask who the designer is. I love the house and little steps. I'm hoping to stitch a bit for myself next year. Alexis' wedding bits and pieces took up a whole year of stitching!!

What an amazing wooden bowl. The lustre on it is beautiful. Wood has such an irresistible tactile feeling.

So sorry you've seen a bit too much of the inside of the doctor's surgery this year. I have too and know that it's not much fun. Lets hope 2017 is a much better year for us both, healthwise - well, every which way wise too :-)

Sally said...

I love your cubes Barb. They look so lovely.

I'm so glad you love your ornament. Lovely gifts from June too.

Those wooden creations are amazing!

You will never be invisible to me my dear friend in blog land or otherwise. I think blogs are just very quiet which is such a shame. So many people giving it up. We all need to stick together!

Are we in the parlour thid evening or is it closed for Christmas? If it's open I will see you there!

Merry Christmas to you and yours xx

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Your Christmas cubes are brilliant!. You received some lovely exchange ornaments. The wooden bowl and picture are very impressive. I'm not surprised you bought them.

Barbara said...

Barb, your Christmas cubes turned out fantastic looking. They look so beautiful on your mantel. I hate to hear about you and doctors but I guess we all have to go thru it. Hubby is seeing his surgeon on Tuesday so we'll find out then when his surgery will be. Please give Ollie a sweet rub from me and a nose lick from Vallie.

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