Tuesday 4 October 2016

Halloween comes early to our house.

Hello all, I just had to post to share the exchange Tina and I did for Halloween,we were actually on time with the first of October. I like to have a  Halloween month. So I am going to show you the lovely exchange Tina did for me.
All these lovely things arrived in the  post ,whoo hoo. 
Isn't that fun  and  so unusual , Tina  said  the witch  was stitched on a Silkweaver  fabric. It is now  hanging in the kitchen . Wonder what the 9 year old  grandson will  say to that. 
This was only the tip  of the witches hat ,here is the rest on my little table.
I think the grandchildren  will be over to  carve pumpkins don't you. The notebook is  a lovely touchy feely one with etched designs on .The Room  on the broom witch is sitting  next  to the cauldron and this book I could  not resist for my Halloween Kitchen.
I sent a copy to Tina in her exchange parcel , wonder what she thought of that lol.
Balloons that will be snaffled  by grandchildren or maybe trick or treaters. Then there was this.
Inside this dear little box was eeeew a black spider. Not real  of course. Last but not  least a little  something for me  to stitch before next spring.

This looks so sweet. Thankyou so much Tina ,heres to next year. 
Now as Tina has not got a blog I will post what I stitched for her,  she was very pleased with it ,as was I , in fact I almost kept it as it was stitched before the one I did for  June . So here is Tinas Halloween needlebook. 

The inside as you open it.
I fell in love with the witchy fabric . The scissor fob was from a Prairie Schooler design.Moving  on.
As this was a needlecase , I altered the wording to read Why yes I can drive a stitch, and when you open it this is the inside.
2 pages of  needles size 26 and 28,I find they are the ones I use most often. Then a  page of pins.
The next compartment holds a notebook  and a little Lizzie Kate chart, on the pocket I put our names.
This folds back over the needlecase and is embroidered  with this.
I loved the little purple witch from Just Nan. So there you have it. I did not  take a pic of the chocolate spider or the one in his web and you have seen the Kitchen Witch book , so didn't we do well. If you would like a needlebook  , leave me a comment and what your theme  would be and I will sometime  do a giveaway if anyone is interested. 
Staying on  the Halloween Theme last time (not so very long ago) I showed you this. 

 It is now a pumpkin. It may be the only one as it was so thick to knit ,we  will see.

Also now  finished is  this row of sheepies.

So there you have it for this time, I will be back with goodies I have been told are on their way. Keep well and thankyou for the comments last time, they may have been few but they mean a lot  to this old person lol.Don't forget to  comment on the needlebook  theme.
See you next time 


Barbara said...

Oh my you are all ready for "witchie" time! I love everything and I think that book The Kitchen Witch is a hoot. Always love all your work and this is no different. You amaze me dear!
Hugs from across the pond.

Linda said...

Lovely exchanges Barb. You both did a fantastic job. I love kitties.


Maggie said...

What a great exchange, both sent and received.
Tina told me how she was going to finish her exchange at our stitching group and i thought i was a very good idea. :-)

Julie said...

Wonderful exchange, great goodies you both sent to each other.

I've got a lovely needlebook from you already and its wonderful - good luck to all who enter your giveaway for one xxx

Christine said...

What fabulous exchange gifts Barb, and I love the little knitted pumpkin. It's such fun knitting weird things isn't it? I did some conical flasks a while back.
I suppose a penguin needlebook would be out of the question? ...

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Beautiful exchange gifts. I love needlebooks. I have a Pinterest page just for them.

Justine said...

What a fabulous exchange Barb! Funnily enough I found the Witch design that Tina stitched for you in my magazine stash last night, and am planning to start another one in the series very soon!
I love your needlebook, so very pretty. My favourite theme would be Alice in Wonderland. I have such happy memories of reading these books as a child.

Tina said...

Another fabulous exchange, loved my kitchen book,its a really interesting read aswell as some lovely recipes,was wondering if you bought yourself one,love that pumpkin so cute! Thank you again for my goodies
Hugs xx

butterfly said...

Hello Barb ,
Just come back from holiday , and now trying to catch up.
Love the exchange , I am already a lucky lady with my needle book , I use mine all the time .
Beautiful gifts from Tina , and again from you to Tina. What fun.
Love your sheep ornament and your knitted pumpkin .
Hope you are feeling much better hugs.

Stitching Noni said...

What a lovely exchange - gifts galore for you both! Love the witch and the needlebooks are great - you can never have enough needlebooks! :o)
Your knitted pumpkin is gorgeous! Enjoy the season of Halloween!
Hugs x

Sally said...

oh wow Barb what wonderful exchanges between you and Tina! Such fantastic things you have both created.

Love your knitted pumpkin. It is so sweet.

Your sheepy ornament is gorgeous. Where did you get your hanger for it from?

I already have one a lovely cross stitched needlebook that you made me for an exchange a few years ago. I treasure it.

See you later this evening :)

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