Tuesday 3 September 2013

The arrival of mellow mists and fruit fullness! September.

Or should I say the season of the above, still in the wings at the moment although it has been a little misty in the early mornings.Well new starts today with a new term for my grandchildren and new schools for Sam and Ella. Kate dd, and family came home yesterday after a week on a narrowboat near Oxford. So we are going out for dinner and to see the holiday pics tonight.
Of course it is now September and the latest finish is of course the September wordplay.
Very  apt for this time of year. I will be starting October very soon . The back I used some fabric that I have had for a good few years.

I have one more to show you. I have been stitching Faith with Sally the sheep virtues ,and I will show you that hopefully finished next week , as I have just the inside of the border to do. Now for our outing last week We tootled along the coast a little way to Abbotsbury and went to the Sub tropical gardens. Martin decided we would have a season ticket so we can go more often , I was really pleased about that. As soon as we walked in I saw a plant that I thought was unusual and it is called a pokeweed in America. 

It looks a bit motheaten,but the berries looked like buttons.Lots of the plants there Dale (the gardener that planted out garden)had planted in ours. So let me take you fora little meander,.
This was ERN! 
Just love the grasses they had there. Looks a bit abstract doesnt it.
It really is a beautiful place ,and we wandered about oohing and ahhing.

Agapanthus ,a lovely shade of blue ,but not shown to their full advantage ,blame the photographer.

View from the top of a very steep climb. Looking toward Portland and the Fleet.
Another view through the trees was St Catherines Chapel.I thought I would show you that one but maybe next time as I shall have to fiddle and turn it round ,you could tilt your head I suppose ,I will wait till next time.
Loved the bark on this tree , so shiny it could almost have been polished.
Everything is so darn BIG here ,it is almost like being in a jungle at times.

We then walked through the sculpture bit . I wont bore you with too many of the pics I took . This Buddah welcomed you .
Then my favourite caught my eye. Really liked this one.
I really took an awful lot of pics here but I do not think we will wade through all 98 of them.Martin was just going over the red bridge and I got him.
I think that is all I am going to show you of Abbotsbury tropical gardens , but I will show you one last flower or maybe two. The birds kindly planted some of their seed and we have this happy sunshiney face by the birdfeeder at the front of the house.

It is multiheaded so we are hoping for more .
Our gingers are just starting to flower too.So now we have exhausted the gardens , sorry not a lot of stitching or stash this time . I did finish off Cherries and Berries into a little pillow for the basket.

So my dears that is the doings of Barb and family. Hope you like the trip round the gardens it is a must visit for anyone down this way. Thanks for commenting and hope you are all keeping well. I am tickety boo and hope to get more stitching done before next you visit. Take care and bye for now.
Much love 


Sally said...

Oh wow what gorgeous photos of the gardens Barb. So pretty.

Lovely stitching as always. Looking forward to seeing your Faith. Did your mystery arrive? Mine did. I got more of Faith done last night but I'm a bit behind you lol!

Glad you are doing OK. Will email you either later today or tomorrow.

Sue said...

Lovely photos Barb, a lovely day out.
Love the September ornament and the cherries and berries...x

cucki said...

Wow such fun and a lovely day out...
Sweet ornament :) I love it.
Hugs x

Christine said...

That garden is gorgeous Barb.
A couple of great finishes there too

stitchersanon said...

Wow..a lovely post, loved meandering through the gardens! Great finishes; I love the pillows!

Michelle said...

Stunning Photos Barb and I love the shiny bark on the one tree - beautiful xx

Vickie said...

Lovely stitching Barb. Gorgeous photos you have shared. =)

Tina said...

Beautiful walk through the gardens with you,agapanthus is one of my favourite plants unfortunatly it doesn't like me .
Lovely header photo,hope your GC settle in at school ok.
Lovely stitching as always.

Tina xxx

Simply Victoria said...

Another nice Word Play. Your garden outing was quite nice.

Clare-Aimetu said...

More memories Barb, thank you. My Dad took me to Abbotsbury years ago, it looked a little different then but I remember the huge plants. Your sunflower is amazing.

The September wordplay is lovely and great finish on Cherries and Berries :-)

Julie said...

September wordplay looks superb. Im hoing all goes well at the new schools for your young ones, its hard sometimes settling in with new routines after the summer hols and especially when the sunshine is still so lovely, who wants to be in a classroom!
Gorgeous garden stroll, we didn't get there, another to add to the list of 'when I come again' lol.
much love x
p.s. I waved to Martin on the bridge and imagined him waving back!

Rhona said...

Gorgeous pictures!Love September wordplay and your pillows in the basket look wonderful too.

Shirlee said...

What lovely photos of the gardens! Thanks so much for sharing : ) The September Word Play looks good! I have a soft spot for school-related things & even though I swore I would never do another Word Play EVER, I may have to get this chart : ) The Cherries & Berries piece is a good one too! Oh dear, I see the possibility of more stash in my future!

Kate said...

Love the word play and the pictures from your outing. Looking forward to seeing faith. Gorgeous stitching

Catherine said...

Always lovely stitches ~ I really enjoyed the pictures from your outing as well!

Kay said...

Gorgeous stitching, I am a pillows person myself too. I do like your wordplay stitched up with little bells on it, so sweet.

Annie said...

Love your stitching.. I'm a real fan of the Wordplay designs.
Nice photos of your adventure in the woods. Really cool sculptures to stumble on.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Carin said...

Your stitching is beautiful as ever !!
And what a beautiful pictures of that garden, love those statue's !

Carol said...

Oh, that September word play is adorable, Barb! I really need to get back on track with my stitching of this series. I've only stitched January and April so far :(

Love the gardens--what fun to see all those subtropical plants in person. Lovely sculptures, too!

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