Sunday 4 August 2013

Paper scissors and stone ,for want of a better title

Well here we are in August- and of course the wordplay for August is.
Everytime I stitch one of these I think it is my favourite. I just love the country lady with her sunflower and watering can.Well how are you all out there my blogging friends. I am still progressing with the diet and walking more. In fact we were out with three of the grandchildren for 3 hours walking, more of which later. 
I have finished my Cherries and Berries that I stitch in the parlour,but still have to put it together.
The fabric is going to be used to back it .Tomorrow is stitching with Sally and as I have not yet got my next sheep virtue, we are still stitching The Mystery by LHN. This is how far I have got so far.
Part 2 is here but if a sheep arrives meanwhile I shall be starting that next week.I would like to say to my fellow Janeites if you haven't already take a look at Willow Tree stitching blog link in my sidebar of blogs I visit., her tribute to Jane Austen and her Pride and Prejudice work is absolutely incredible. I had to have the reading saying ,that is a pattern by The Sampler Girl as I need to work it for my Jane shrine. I think I shall alter her hairstyle as I am not sure I like it.
I need to stitch this ,to go alongside this, that I ordered from Nikys Creations based in Italy. As soon as I saw the regency lady with her red ribbon and book I knew that I would place them together ,at least the top half of the chart. 
Here is what was inside.
Not sure if this next photo is better.

She is rather splendid do you not think.It certainly looks as if Jane approves there.Thanks Niky. Well I have had another finish but I think I will share my pics from yesterday . 
As I said we had 3 of the grandchildren for the day yesterday ,as daughter Kate and her hubby were off to Reading for a wedding. Jack the eldest had the day planned so we had Caitlin 15,Sam 11,and Alfie 6. In the afternoon we took them to a local sculture park in a Quarry. 
This has been a sculpture park since the early 1980s, some pieces inevitably have been vandalised over the years ,but lately some dutch scultors have been doing work in there. Here are some of the pics,
 Bears Head.

Hmm prehistoric.
No not the man in the chair! Grandad and Sam with a  very interested (not) Ollie. Whilst talking of Ollie ,he has not been doing so well this week, poor old dog had to have an op on Thursday last . He had a blockage in his ear and drops would not disperse it,so the vet had him in to give him a general . He has a perforated eardrum and he was so sorry for himself on Thursday, He has to have drops and pills for a week. More expense. Anyway onward we go.

Caitlin needed! to have a picture of us both so she took this one. Look at those dimples. She is a poppet.
If you look very closely there is a mans face carved into the rock.Lots of these "find me "carvings. My favourite that was done by the Antony Gormley who did the Angel of the north. Is this one .

The falling man. The kids thought this a really cool place, it is a little uneven and I must admit to not being even able to attempt this 3 hour walk last year. We also found as it was named by Sam, Ron Weasleys fireplace.
Sorry I guess I am getting carried away by being "out" properly. Just one more of the clan for you.
Well folks,I know some of you know it was Miss Julies 50th birthday this week and if you haven't seen her finish of Shores ,you really must pop along and see it . It is fantastic, all you talented people out there ,you are my inspiration and I am afraid to say it leads to more pennies being spent so we will never be rich. Rich in friendship through blogging. We also went to the Dorset Art and crafts 99th exhibition on Friday ,I cannot show you any photos of the stunning work there as no photography was allowed. However a couple of purchases were made. We bought this from a wild life photographer.
I just loved this lion and his cub, the photograph was taken at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. He had  some amazing pictures and I or should I say we could have spent a fortune. I do have his web site if you want a look at his work .It is also I was bought this at the craft bookstall. 

and some dorset sheep wool rovings to go with it . Love the label on the roving.

I could see this needlefelted. I think Mary Ann is a dear to let me have some of her wool.
Oops another one I meant to show you and also a real one too.
It was just so pretty. and really true to the colour. One more of a grandaughter Caitlin and Alfie her brother.
Almost there are you yawning yet? Just the pics of the last thing I have finished. Country stitches dames of the needle sewing roll.
This was a delight to stitch. Sorry about the crease on the side.

 You will have to forgive the goofy looking bird my first attempt. It sits on a pocket for pattern thread whatever. Well if you have stuck with me so far many thanks. Hope next time I shall do an update quicker then I shall not have such a long post. Thanks for all the comments , and for just being there. You really are the best. Take care and keep safe ,till next time ,sending much love .
Barb xx


cucki said...

wow such a sweet post..with sweet stitches..
lovely pictures and cute stash.
i love jane austen so much too.
big hugs
happy stitching x

Vickie said...

Oh wow! The sculpture park was an excellent place to visit with the grandchildren. Good for you walking 3 hours!!
Lovely stitching as always Barb.

Clare-Aimetu said...

I love those stones - so very clever.

Great wordplay Barb and Cherries and Berries is looking really good.I'm looking forward to seeing your finish :)

Cath said...

Lovely stitching as always , and gorgeous pics of the family. Looks like you had a wonderful trip out .X

Tina said...

Lovely day out with the grandchildren,looks a fab place to visit.
Well done loosing weight,it's really hard.
Lovely photo of you and GD.
Lovely wips and finishes,love August wordplay,like you I think ooohhh that's my favourite until the next one comes along.
Wish you would stop being an enabler lol keep thinking shall I get mystery LHN or not? the more I see it stitched up the more I like it.
Take care

Tina xxx

Simply Victoria said...

Hi Barb! Every time I see one of your finished Word Plays I want to do them! All your stitching looks lovely. I love Jane Austen and the little treasures you got. The Willow Tree blog's picture of her Austen sampler is amazing!
The Sculpture Park looks like it was a fun time to spend with the grands. What a unique place! You and your granddaughter are sweet together : )

butterfly said...

What a wonderful post , love all your stitching and lovely photos , thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

Fabulous post, you look wonderful. I'm so pleased you are feeling much better and able to get out a bit more. What super sculptures. Love Ron Weasleys fireplace, good job he didn't shout 'diagon alley' when he was next tobit lol.
Poor Ollie doggy, he's such a poppet.
Waving to grandad, I bet he was thrilled to have you all out and about with him, certainly looks like a nice sunny day you had.
Pretty stitching, I think this wordplay is my favourite so far.
Love to you both xxx

Carol said...

What lovely stitching, Barb--I so love your August Word Play finish! And the day out with your grandchildren looks like great fun :)

Unknown said...

Lovely post Barb. Great day out with the Grandkids and as always your stitches are beautiful.
Glad Ollie is on the mend. Hugs!

Shirlee said...

What a fun post! I really enjoyed seeing all the stitching stuff & coming along with you & your family on your 3 hour walk : ) Congratulations on being able to do it! I know exactly what you mean about "last year." Many hugs to you, my friend : )

Catherine said...

Loved your post ~ great stitches and great family fun!

Christine said...

Lovely stitching and finishing Barb, and the sculpture park looks fantatsic

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing. The Sculpture Park looks a great place to visit. A lovely blog post.

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