Monday 1 July 2013

July, lots !!!!! to share with you.

Phew it is a very warm day today, I shall sit in my north facing lounge where it is cooler and watch Wimbledon later. My two weeks of the year ,when I am allowed to watch tennis and I get meals brought to me . Can't be bad eh. Martin is off on his archaeological dig today,they are just taking off the surface of a field,near where Roman burials were found. Rather him than me in the heat. He has had some problems with the natives,  some tame lambs have been investigating too, one took his measure last week and chewed it . He had to get 2 new ones as they were unusable. He has some cute photos on his phone so I will share them next time. I am hoping I can go and "meet" the lambs too.
Well yesterday saw the reveal day over at NH of the monthly challenge,this time Christine had given us La d da freebie of A rose is a rose is a rose.Which I finished into a cushion for my arbour bench (when it gets built).Here it is.
I stitched a felt flower to the bottom and I am so pleased how it turned out. I used an old cushion insert to go inside but it really  needed to be a bit smaller as I had to unstuff it a little. I think it will look nice on a garden seat.
I may do another but different design so I have a pair. Speaking of roses here is one coming into bloom this week this if one I bought a few years ago it had been buried under brambles ,before we had the garden cleared .It is called English Miss and has a delightful fragrance.
I am a sucker for roses ,can you tell. Martin has an exhibition of the craft and art group he runs. The theme is Rennie Mackintosh ,yes you have guessed in here is one of the pieces he is displaying.

This is fused glass , where it is fired in a kiln. So clever this man of mine, My mum used to say "He is good with his hands"!! Say no more.Will let you see some pics of the other works next time.
As we are now in July and I have finished the July wordplay I shall show you that next. I really enjoyed doing this one and I think August ,now kitted and ready to go will be another one I shall enjoy.
I should have found a way to make it more British but never mind it is an American Designer so I will go with it. Martin says I should put Weymouth Carnival on another one!!!!!The back is done in some fabric I bought recently .

I could not resist this seagull fabric , no idea at the time what I would use it for, but hey ho just had to use it to back July

Slightly closer. Julie I thought of you when I was stitching a day at the beach. Last evening we walked Ollie along the beach at Pirates Cove ,yes it really is called Pirates cove, of course Ollie had to have his daily swim.I am so pleased as I had no pain at all and walking was definitely a no no before being diagnosed and now treated with Diabetes. So although I do not want it I cannot get over how much better I am feeling since medication has started to kick in. Martin ,bless him , bought me a book. Mans heart through his stomach comes to mind as he is also following my diet, apart from the odd beer,and G&T. he also gets to eat chocolate. Not too much a couple of squares a day
Which yesterday I cooked a seed and soda bread from. It did not turn out bad ,and I have a couple more recipes from it to try. Also last week 3 more books arrived ,these  I did order these.
Guess where this will go if I can do it . Yep on the table in the garden. Some lovely patterns in here and not too big to tackle I need more time ,more hands and more brain was from Amazon and was on offer.I also ordered 2 others on offer. One is about a couple who live in a lighthouse and a boat washes up on the shore of the lighthouse keepers island. It holds a dead man and a crying baby.The only 2 islanders are about to make a devastating descision.They break the rules and follow their hearts .What happens next will break yours. GOOD eh.
The other one is this and as it is the first of his novels I thought I would give it a shot ,being on offer and all.
So I am set for a reading marathon I think as the pile grows ever bigger.Hope you are enjoying a little light reading this summer.My goodness this post is turning into a marathon too . Have you got the staying power.
I spoke about backing fabric with the seagulls earlier,well I was reading Mouses blog the other day and arent bloggers the best.I fell in love with some fabric she had bought . I mailed her and asked her if she thought they did mail order.She said she thought so,and gave me details but said if not she would get some and send it too me. How kind was that. I mailed the company no reply as their computer was down they said.So I phoned them a very nice lady called Diane answered and could not from my description place the one I wanted. I said I had seen it on a blog and so she asked which one and she would go look . Anyway whoo hoo she found it said she had some , and mentioned some others which would go with it . The rest is history as they say. Here is my stash from Castle Quilters. 
The seagull one was not from there .The bird one was the one I wanted and the other 3 are the ones Diane said would go with it. OOHH cannot wait to play. The bird one I thought would go with this, I had come last week too.

This is new one by With thy needle and thread and it is called Dame of the needle a sewing roll. The little bird you can just see in the corner is appliquéd on,.Itching to start this. Along with this I got another ,I know I cannot just buy one of anything .

This one is The Sewing Bird. Talking of birds ,here is a bird design I finished last week by Alteir Soee idee.It is called Songbird.
This is filled with Lavender . The little charm is so cute , a bird in a cage.
Sorry this is so long just had to get it all in the blog before I forget. 
Family are all well Kate dd, has just been head hunted for a community cancer nurse job, it would mean her going full time ,she would like to do it but has to sort child care out as her husband has to travel a lot in his job,he works from home some days so maybe she can work it out. Her older ones are 18,15 and 11 it is just Alfie who is 6 that would be a problem. Jack is still waiting for security clearance on his summer placement at British Areospace. Then hopes to get an apprenticeship.Graeme and Sue went to see Robbie Williams at Wembley yesterday have not heard how they got on.

This also arrived at the weekend ,the first part of LHN mystery ,oh my I think I have more than enough to keep me out of mischief. I am still trying to get Courage finished ,Sally must despair ,I have started this one again as I had massive frog visit so threw in the bin, hope the next one does not arrive until I have finished it.
Almost last but certainly not least. I had a little gift from Tina (no blog) she sent me this pretty fob for my scissors .She also sent me a while ago this Downton Abbey fob. It is a little grubby and needs a wash really. I was my usual silly self and thought it was a bracelet (it fits) dur, it wasn't she told me when I thanked her for her sweet bracelet.Delicate shade of red here. It is a fob for my Parlour nights over on Needlecraft Haven ,it has a teapot a cup and saucer and a slice of cake. Which we partake of in the parlour virtually of course. Not done enough to show you a pic of this weeks progress on the Berries and Cherries. withHowever if you read this TINA,thanks again for my dual purpose bracelet and fob!!!!!
Well now I must thank you all for staying with me , and to the new followers waving a hello. Leave me a little note if you can I do like to get them .

 I shall be back in a week or two so until then I shall leave you with a pic of my poppy, the flowers only last a day then they are gone. Now off to walk the dog. He is off to vets again tonight -deep joy!!
Take care 
hugs and much love 
Barb xx
Ps I think I am with bloglovin now ?!!!!!


marly said...

Very enjoyable post Barb! Glad you are feeling better.

Vickie said...

How wonderful that your health is improving. Oh if I could only get my mother to listen! She also was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. She will NOT follow the diet orders.:(
Glad to be caught up with you Barb.

Shirlee said...

Lovely post Barb! Glad to read that you are feeling better with your diet & medication! Me too : ) Your finishes look lovely! I often stuff my pinkeeps & little pillows with lavender. It's a nice change & the fragrance lasts & lasts : )

butterfly said...

So happy you are feeling bette.
Wonderful treats on your post love all your stitching.

stitchersanon said...

Great post. I have just bought the Mug Rug book as well...just need a few more hours in the day! Lovely stitching and the cushions look fantastic.

Cath said...

Lovely finishes ,especially the cushions. Great stash too. I am loving my books at the moment , both my own and from the library ,so lots of variation.X

cucki said...

Glad you are feeling better...
Beautiful post with lots of pretty stitches x

Julie said...

Love your new cushion, so summery.
Lots of lovely projects you've been astitching, plenty to show and be admired.
Such good news you are feeling much better, I have prayed to hear those words.
Wonderful new goodies postie brought for you to enjoy.
Love to you both xxx

Christine said...

What a lovely long post Barb. So glad to hear that you are feeling better.
You've got some super finishes there, I love what you did with the challenge piece. I agree about the word play one, sweet but not my favourite. Cultural irrelevance in July and November is always a problem with these monthly series. Good idea of Martin's though, "Carnival Parade" would substitute quite well. His fused glass piece is beautiful by the way.
Wonderful new stash too, I'm very taken with the button edging on the Dames of the Needle piece, and the sewing bird is just gorgeous

Jane said...

Beautiful stitching Barb and your finishes get better and better!
You have a very clever DH too!
Enjoy your new fabric and your new books ~ you're going to have a very busy Summer I think.
Robbie was brilliant, DD and I went Sunday evening too ~ didn't spot your relatives but we were pitch standing fairly near the front so unless they are as mad as us they probably elected to choose a seat and be spared an awful lot of jumping!!
Have a good week and hope Oli gets on ok xxx

Simply Victoria said...

You've got some lovely finishes there and a great bunch of new things to work on. Take care.

Kate said...

Lovely post Barb - delighted to hear that you are feeling better. Lots of gorgeous stitching and some lovely new stash. That mug rug book looks interesting.

Michelle said...

So pleased you are feeling better - lovely new stash and stitching xx

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great to read you are feeling better Barb, I love the rose cushion. We use wordplay in English, great stitching designs.

Catherine said...

Glad you are feeling better ~ great post to see and read about all to have been doing.

Lesleyanne said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. Gorgeous stitching finishes. Love what your husband has made. Beautiful flowers.

Marsha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now a follower of yours. What a nice bunch of stitching, completed and to work on. That pillow is gorgeous.

Brigitte said...

Great stitching and finishing, a feast for the eyes. And yes, The Light Between Oceans is a gorgeous book, one of the best I read this year.

Sally said...

So glad you are feeling better my friend.

Gorgeous finishes. Not despairing at all as I still haven't finished my Courage but would love to go ahead and start the mystery anyway this evening.

Love the rose Martin made. He is so clever.

Very nice new stash. We are so naughty aren't we?! I just keep seeing things I love! Lol.

See you later. It's cooler here :)

The Snowflower Diaries said...

Dear Barb,

I would like to write you an email, but I cannot see your contact on your blog, would you be so kind to send a message to my email? :-)) I

Thank you very much, a gift is waiting for you:D


Anne said...

Beautiful stitching Barb and such a pretty little fob from your friend. Glad to hear you are feeling better and can enjoy no pain walks :D

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