Wednesday 19 December 2012

and God Bless us everyone

Thought I had better do a catch up or you would be thinking I had fallen down the deep pit of despair. I have been a little low of late and had medication altered . I am not going to bore with you with details as I am feeling brighter and pain is less .
So here we are and only 7 more sleeps until the man in red arrives are you excited. !!!!!
I think I told you I was taking part in the Christmas Ornament exchanges here is the exchange I had from Ursh , isnt it lovely. It is sitting on my twiggy tree..
This is the one I sent to Angi who was my partner.
This was free design from The Little House Needleworks.
I am pleased to say that Angi was delighted with it and using is using it to protect her chocolate snowmen on her tree from her grandchildrens little fingers ,the bells rings when you touch it.
Talking of grandchildren this is my grandson Jack ,who was 18 a couple of weeks ago, this was taken on his birthday he had popped in with his girlfriend for lunch on his birthday.
He also passed his driving test the first time this last week , we are very proud of the young man he is becoming.
Caitlin his sister phoned last night to tell us she is doing the Ten Tors as part of the DOE award. The Ten Tors Challenge hosted on Dartmoor in Devon features 400 teams of 6 taking on a hike over 2 days of 35 miles for her age group. Rather her than me thank goodness.I shall be a nervous wreck until she gets back.
I also have been strictly stitching with Miss Julie over on the UFO stitching at Needlecraft Haven and this is how far I have got with Quaker Diamonds.

This big one is taking a while but it is clickable so you can see how detailed it is. Another one I can show you is the Country Cottage Needlework Vintage Christmas. I am stitching this on Wednesdays in the Parlour over at The Little house in the Country on Needlecraft Haven forum. If you would like to join us we are a very friendly bunch..
Scuse the hoop mark and wrinkled look of fabric. 
My Wordplays are coming along.. Here is February
I have only just started December , Sally has decided these are not for her so I am stitching these while she does something else, still stitching along together on a Monday and have so much fun (virtually).
So there you have it my stitching up to date. I had Martin unravelling wool the other evening as I thought I would try some knitting. We got in such a tangle with it , he has an awful lot of patience but we gave up after half an hour. So a job for another day.

Well my dears sorry this is not so long , I think my brain has become very slow (not that it was quick before lol) but since the change of medication I feel very withdrawn. So I am now going to wish all my followers and my dear stitching friends ,you know who you are, a very happy Christmas and a healthy and stitchyfull new year. We are off to Graemes hopefully on Christmas day so you may get some pics of a kittencat, still not sure about taking Ollie.
Take care all and as the title says God Bless us everyone.
Oh before I go so far I have watched Miracle on 34th Street 3 times this year, and there are so many showings of A Christmas Carol I will be watching,have you any favourites that have become a tradition? 
Thanks for continuing to read my ramblings and for commenting if you can.
Hugs and Christmassy mwahs 
Barb xl


Vickie said...

hahaha, the bells!
Quaker Diamonds is awesome!!!
We are all going to sit down to "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

stitchersanon said...

Love the bells; awsome stitching.

jane said...

Lovely stitching Barb!
Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favourites but the family favourite is The Santa Clause - my girls both love that one!
Merry Christmas to you , Martin and the family, hope you have a lovely time!

Michelle said...

7 more sleeps? I make it 6 - well thats what my son has written on his countdown board! Lovely picture of your grandson and his girlfriend. Lovely stitching Barb xx

Julie said...

Huge congrats to Jack, what a lovely couple they are.
Wonderful ornaments you sent and received.
QD is looking stunning, lots of progress this year during ourvStricly SAL, well done.
Have a lovely Chistmastime with your family.
Much love xxx

Cath said...

Merry Christmas . Hope you have a lovely time . Take care .XXX

Gabi said...

Beautiful stitching. Love also how you finished your ornaments with those cute bells. What a handsome couple :)
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

Tricia T said...

Beautiful stitching, Barb! I've been watching your progress on Vintage Christmas and would love to know what floss colors you used. I like yours better than the colors on the pattern. : )


The Stamper's Stitches

Christine said...

Both the ornaments are gorgeous. I love the idea of guarding the chocolate with bells, probably wouldn't work in our house though, my two have Ninja stealth skills when it comes to chocolate.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Catherine said...

Lovely stitches!!

Shirlee said...

Beautiful stitching!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Barb your stitching is beautiful but the Quaker Diamonds is awesome!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sally said...

Gorgeous stitching Barb. Your CCN looks beautiful and Quaker Diamonds is stunning.

Lovely ornament exchange.

See you in the New Year for our sheep SAL. Have you seen the blog Vonna has set up?

Lovely photo of Jack and his girlfriend.

Happy Christmas to you and your family my dear friend. xxx

Brigitte said...

Both exchange ornaments are just darling. And what a great use your exchnage partner has for the bells, lol.
Your WIPs are looking great, just beautiful.
Have a happy and peaceful Christmas time with your family.

Carin said...

You did some beautiful stitching !!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas !!

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