Tuesday 13 September 2011

The Summer Exchange.

Here is the lovely stitched item I had from Lisa of LisaVslounge. It is so perfectly stitched and finished and I love it. Thankyou again Lisa. I also had some goodies enclosed

Aren't those pens so cute, in fact my grandchildren were heard to say, Nanny please may we have those pens. So in true Nanny fashion, I mean how can you say NO they are mine all mine, so sorry Lisa they are lost to me but Caitlin and Sam are now taking them to school to show their friends.
The fabric is lovely and summery all sea shells and I know exactly what to use that for ,but not until next year. Also I had some stickers and beads and buttons . How about walking along that beach on her card in Australia,mind you I think she did a brilliant job as thinking summer when it is winter cannot be easy!

This was an exchange for The STITCHED WITH LOVE exchange hosted by Lainey and Colleen. They did a great job and are currently running an Autumn/fall one which is closed but there will be a Christmas one coming up.
So come on get in the spirit and share a little joy by joining,that reminds me I haven't yet.

Ok here is what I sent to Catherine of Bramblewood stitches.

These were the stitched items I sent. I altered and added a few things to the needleroll,and the living is easy was an addition. I was sorry to see that one go. The fabric it is standing on is a Sand colour 36count linen.

No you are not seeing double, Tina (no blog) made me Downton Abbey a Sampler Girl design scissor fob and as I love it so much I thought I would send one to Catherine. As Tina reads this I did not want her thinking I had sent her mine so took this so she could see I still treasure hers. Downton Abbey as a lot of you know is really Highclere Castle and if you google it there is a lot of fascinating information. Did you know Downton Abbey is back this weekend. Oh dear DH will want to watch Spooks and after me having a Strictly fix it will be his turn to choose. Have to record so much now.
Anyway I digress.
Talking of other half we, (I sprinkled the frit in the areas that I wanted the colours , that is crushed glass) and himself did the rest. It is a candle holder and I put a Beach Walk yankee candle in it. It started off pale with light sprinkle for the sea spray,going to pale blue green and sand colour in the bottom, I was really pleased how it turned out(after 3 attempts) and I think Catherine was too.
Mind you I almost had kittens posting it all that way. Also in the pile were needles that Catherine said she used to put her new needles in,some 36 count Sand coloured fabby, a bookmark for her summer reading book .I tried to keep it sort of seasidey colours.
The card is an artists impression of Weymouth!!
Also was a box of Fudge from the Weymouth sweetshop. I could have gone on forever with this one (imagination running riot).
So that was the exchange I have been itching to show you. Phew .
A quick update this time, stitched with Sally and Colleen last night, they had to dodge the scaffolding on the way in as we are in the process of having solar panels fitted with the rent a roof scheme.I am progressing with My Mums Garden and next time i post I will let you see. I am trying to get 3 yes 3 christmas ornies done this month, have got 1 done, 1 almost, and 1 more to choose.
Tomorrow is the Mansfield park Sampler Girl Sal so that house will be started to be built. Busy Busy so cannot be sitting here, chatting away ,thanks for all your comments last post and hope I may get a few this time too.
Take care and see you soon.
Hugs n stuff


jane said...

Lovely exchange pieces both sent and received Barb.

Mouse said...

just love your goodies :) both sent and received and fudge oooo ..lol love that candle holder that DH did ... have a fondness for candle holders and candles ... DD1 is sooooo pleased Downton is back on ;0 love mouse xxxx

Lisa V said...

Barb, I'm soo pleased that you liked everything I sent to you, and as long as the pens are loved I dont mind that they have been "stolen" hehe.
Love the parcel you sent to your partner too.

Christine said...

What a lovely gift you recieved Barb, and the one you sent out is fabulous.

Sally said...

Both exchanges are wonderful Barb. Love what you sent to Catherine. I saw it on her blog yesterday:)

Dodging scaffolding was fun! I'll do anything to sit and stitch with good friends! Lol! Almost finished my roll:)

Lainey said...

Such pretty Exchange gifts from Lisa and you really spoiled Catherine with such beautiful gifts Barb. I know she loved everything especially that beautiful candle holder by your DH.
Look foward to your next stitchy up-date, hugs.

Mylene said...

Such lovely exchanges both sent and received!

Elisa said...

Two lovely exchanges both sent and received xx

Tina said...

Lovely exchanges,love the candle holder that DH made(such a clever chappy)and the needleroll looks fab.thought i was seeing double with fobs,nearly had to get my glasses lol must make one for myself.Looking forward to seeing more wip's and i'm back with the TSG SAL,couldn't hold out any longer so see you in the parlour on Wednesday.xx

Karen said...

Very nice exchanges. I just love the little scissor fob. Three Christmas ornaments in a month is definitely a challenge (at least it would be for me)! Best of luck with getting them finished off. :)

Julie said...

Fabulous exchanges, you always send such beautiful items in a parcel, it makes the heart skip upon opening.

A lovely parcel received too, a great design.

Francesca Violetta said...

such a lovely exchange! All is beautiful but the needleroll is fabulous, I really love it!
have a wonderful w e

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