Wednesday 6 April 2011

It is a Spring Wednesday and the sun has his hat on.

Unlike Lucky who cannot find her hat anywhere. I think she must have dropped it in the bit bin I keep by the stitchy chair and it got put out with the rubbish. I have almost lost my Sajou scissors in there . I had to empty the outside bin to find them before that got emptied. So Lucky is hatless.
What a beautiful spring day it is, I have been into Weymouth and took advantage of pre season quietness. Soon it will be bustling again and not a square inch of sand to be had. Not that I am one for the beach ,in days past maybe ,but not now. Sand sandwiches etc oooohhh no. However I have a finish to share with you , I did this from the Blackbird Designs Stitchers Journey ,over 1 on Sassys fabric . I did alter the lighthouse to red stripes, but was pleased with the result. Then what to do with it , oh well I found this hessian bag that I got for £1 and thought I would do a seasidey themed bag. I did not realise how hard this was to stitch on to and thought I had it straight. I should not think !I am not good at it. It is not straight , I do not do straight! when will I ever learn, I am going to do crooked sea designs on it , so it looks as if it was on purpose !!lol. I really ought to unpick it and do it again but........

I also had another couple of finishes which I cannot show you, as I bought some jiffy envelopes today and wrapped said finishes and put them in envelopes ,before I had taken pics, DUR!!! I think the senior moments have become a little on the longer side , I am hoping the recipients will post pics for me.

Last weekend was Mothering Sunday,my mum always called it this, not Mothers Day and I stick to the tradition. My dear Son Graeme was in Jersey with his in -laws who were celebrating their golden wedding and his mil 70th birthday. If you remember she had a massive stroke last year , so it was another hurdle for her. She is progressing well.Anyway Graeme came down and left me a parcel as he would not be here.He did phone when he was in the shop and asked if i would rather have something for the garden or a sheep, Just no contest,was there?!!!! He did phone me on the day as well which was nice . You are all waiting to see what was in the parcel aren't you . Well here she is ,this is "Dorothy".

Dorothy is the 'mummy' sheep with the sheep jumper on. I was thrilled of course. This little window is right by my stitchy chair in the lounge, please excuse view from window it is the neighbours garden.
I did not see Kate either as she was working and did not finish in time to get over. I did see her the day before instead though and this is my pressie from her.

A little something for me to admire on the step by the back door.
I cannot visit my mum as she is an angel mum, or her grave as she is too far away. So on Saturday I planted up (her girl ) as I call her with some pansies for thoughts.

Martin was busy mowing and pruning at the weekend, when he wasn't getting in a two and eight with the portable greenhouse that he bought. It was a bit too portable when the wind blew. He has now fixed it!!
On Monday I did my SB night with Sally and Colleen , and I started Sophies Roses, again it is in the very delicate shades that SB are so famous for. I am not sure how well it shows up on the fabric for you but here is a glimpse of the dressing of Sophie.Hope Colleen gets her memory fixed soon she is being missed.

I finished my 11th book of the year yesterday, I seemed to have slowed down with my reading.
Before I post my last pic , I must just thankyou for the comments you continue to leave in my little post box, I do appreciate them all and you are so kind about my ramblings.
Well last pic coming up,the ladys that join me over at NH on a Wednesday night (that IS tonight girls, here is my progress In the Kitchen with Jane.

Take care you all, and watch those stitchy fingers if you are in the garden playing with mud it plays havoc.
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Tina said...

Great blog post Barb,full of interesting news,love your collection of sheep,Dorothy is a great adition to your collection.
The little girl planter looks nice and bright,i just love pansies,so cheerfull
Your wip's are making good progress,hope it doesn't make you too hungry whilst stitching(in the kitchen)

Kate said...

Barb - Lucky is adorable even if he is hatless! Good job you were able to find those scissors. Love the beachy bag, great idea to stitch things offset, I'm sure that is what you meant to do anyway. If pansies are for thought then my head is bursting with them at the moment!
You little sheep collection is so adorable - I love their jumpers.
Lovely start on your latest SB, your Jane piece is lovely too.

Sally said...

Lovely to see you posting Barb. Lucky is a very fine even without the hat:)

Lovely BBD finish and what a wonderful idea to pop it on a bag.

Oh wow I love your sheep collection! Lovely flowers too.

Nice progress on In the Kitchen and so happy that you are continuing with our SB SAL :) I was stitching away on ES with you:)


Lesleyanne said...

Your finishes are gorgeous Barb. Love your mothering sunday presents. Your mum's girl is looking lovely with the pansies in it. Great progress on your wips.

Petites xxx et Cie said...

I love so much your SB finish (it's cute) and your wonderful sheep collection!

Christine said...

I love your seaside bag, the red on the lighthouse really lifts the design, I like it better than the original. Lucky is lovely as well, hope she doesn't get sunstroke without her hat!
Lovely Mothering Sunday gifts too, your sheep collection is brilliant.
Nice progress on the JA, I really like the bright colours on that

Michelle said...

Lovely photos Barb thank you for sharing them. Your sheep collection look so at home on your windowsill. xx

Cindy's Stitching said...

The sheep are adorable. They look so cute in the window sill.

Mouse said...

lovely photos of the sheep and the flowers :) sorry to hear you lots the sheepies hat :( love the idea of the bag and the lighthouse stitched piece :)love mouse xxx

Hazel said...

Lovely finishes and progress Barb. x

Poppypatchwork said...

I always call the day Mothering Sunday, it sounds much nicer, loved your blog very intresting. I love weymouth too.

Colleen said...

Lucky still is cute 'hatless'! Love all your finishes & who said you had to be straight in stitching? LOL. I've been stitching Sophies Roses for the last few months. She is almost done; of course I had to get Peters Patch, so Sophie would have a friend. Now you have inspired me to finish Sophie & start Peter.

I LOVE everything about Dorothy!!
Memory hasn't been totally fixed yet, but working on it. Now, if I could just remember...

I will be stitching with you & Sally on Monday evening. BTW, is it at my house?

Super post, Barb.
Big Hugs to you, Ollie & Martin

Solstitches said...

Lovely post with lots of eye candy Barb.
I love you Lucky pillow. With or without a hat it is a gorgeous finish.
I like your seaside bag - looks great to me straight or not.
Your Jane piece is looking good too. I have fallen by the wayside and not touched any jane stitching in a couple of weeks now as am desperately trying to finish up a baby quilt to take to UK next month.

Lisa said...

Lucky looks very cute, even without her hat! lol
Love your BBD Lighthouse bag, this design is high on my to do list, but goodness knows when I'll get around to it. Great idea to put it on a bag.
Dorothy is wonderful, such a cute sheep family you have there.
Nice progress on your new start and wip.

Julie said...

Super gifts from your family, and a beautiful thought for your own angel mum xx

Lucky is adorable! and i love your sheep collection. I was looking at these at a local dpartment store and wondering if you had any of them LOL

BBD is great, i like the red lighthouse, it lifts the designs and its fab on that bag - great idea.

New start looks good as does TSG WIP

{{big hugs}}

Elisa said...

Just loving all your sheepy things...I love them too also chickens :0)

Love you BBD Seaside Retreat finish...I am just stitching that how you have used the red in it too xx

TSG piece is growing well!

Karan said...

Love those sheep & especially the sheepy finish. Gorgeous flowers too. Going to enjoy my catch up. :0)

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