Sunday 5 December 2010

Together we will

build a snowman! or two or three or four.

Sam Caitlin Jack and Alfie enjoying a day off school, due to snow fall here in the South of England, we do not get snow often and thought we were going to escape this time too.Only a couple of days we couldnt get out,the children were so excited Sam wanted to go out at 7.30 am in his pjs to play. We called to see them Friday as it was Caitlins 13th birthday on Thursday and although she had a day off school because of the snow, no one could get to see her until the day after.
Ella the other grand daughter also had snow and was busy building a snowman with her dad,

Ellas was a snow girlie! Then my dear son Graeme sent a text with this one off to the pub for lunch now.

Someone else loved the snow after the first few tentative steps outside being not sure. He then proceeded to become a snow plough and would not come indoors.

Ollie is not a dog that barks but as he would not come in I left him to play and every now and then I heard a woof, he needed me to throw snowballs for him then I heard 'mum come quick'

I think my duck has got hypothermia can you resucitate him!!!!
Who has lost the plot here do you think, well the snow has all gone and it is a bright sunny day here today. We managed to get the christmas tree up yesterday and even is I say it myself it looks good . Today I have woken up with the lurgy ,scratchy throat and cough, do not know where I picked this up from as no one I have seen has it. So I shall be dosing myself up, Mil has decided to give her Sunday lunch a miss.
You may have been wondering where I have been - I have had problems with wrists and hands so typing has been kept to a minimum and no stitching for a few days . So not really a lot to tell you.
I did manage to stitch a little on Janes Stocking the SAL that I am doing with Sally, and oh the people are just so pleased they have their house ready to move in at Christmas,the outside got painted this week .Hopefully when I meet up with Sally tomorrow there may be a hd looming.

I must admit to being a little unsure as to wether I would have chosen those colours for my house but it seems to work lol.

Also since I last wrote I finished these two lhn ornies and they are now hanging on the tree.

My Julie friend sent me the ribbon to hang them with ,thanks Julie.
I have a couple of stash purchases one for me and one for a birthday pressie,mine is Belle Pepper from LHN. Cannot show you as I have not got them yet.I also have been stitching on a birthday pressie and hope to make it up this afternoon,if I can stop spluttering long enough.
Well my sweeties sorry this is so short but thought I had better put fingers to keyboard before you wander away and forget me.
Hopefully I shall be back to see you soon. Take care and keep free of this winter cold bug thing.
One/two more pics to share with you ,I saw this shivering in the cold in the garden.

Thanks for continuing the comments ,I love to see one has arrived,take care all and if you have snow keep it,lol after 2 days I had had enough lol.
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Denise said...

There's something wrong with roses under snow. Just wrong I tell you!

Sorry to hear about your hands/wrists. If I might offer a suggestion. Stretch your hands forward and back. My dr said it helps - and I have to agree.

Your stitching is lovely and the colors on the house are fine. No worries!

The snow looks fun. Nothing here but a slight covering. Hoping for a big snow for Christmas!

Smiles - Denise

Daffycat said...

Oh yuck, I hope you are feeling better soon, Barb!

Love your ornaments!

Julie said...

Thye rose looks gorgeous, how lovely to have a little bloom in the snow.

Looks like all the family (and that means Ollie too LOL) had fun in the snow.

Sorry to read you have the lergy, i hope its short lived and you are soon feeling much better.

Your ornies look lovely and the stocking is prgoressing very well, happy dancing on the table for you real soon then!!!

Stitchabilities said...

Am I the only person who is gonna miss the snow when it's gone, maybe I'll move somewhere there is constant snow!! LOL Lovely stitching Barb

Sally said...

Looks like everyone had fun in the snow! I love seing dogs in the snow! They always seems to love it so much. We saw quite a few out on our walk the other morning :) Our snow is still here and I think, like Rachael, I'll miss it when it's gone. It is rumoured that Abi's school will be closed again tomorrow but will have to wait and see.

Love Jane. I need to get the windows and doors in! I am hoping for a HD tomorrow if I can get a good evening's stitching.

Your ornaments are gorgeous. I want to get Snowy Pines finished tonight then I can make it up and hang it on my tree :)

Sorry to hear your hands and wrists have been playing up and that you have the lurgy. Hope you're feeling better soon {{{{hugs}}}}

Lainey said...

Looks like the family had great fun Barb, just love the Snowmen!
Two pretty ornies and your SAL is looking great. Hope your hands feel better soon. Hugs.

Tina said...

Wow,a rose still blooming in Dec,a pretty one at that.
Love the photo's of the DGC playing in the snow and Ollie too,great suggestion from DS hes got the best idea's(pub lol)
Your two ornies are lovely,keep looking at these on different blogs thinking shall I(it's the making up i'm not sure of)
The stocking is coming on fab,will it make it in time to be filles for xmas eve
Same tastes lol i have just ordered belle pepper
Take Care
Tina xx

Lesleyanne said...

Sorry to hear you're not well Barb. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for showing your snow pictures they are really great especially the dog ones and the poor rose. The family look as though they are having a wonderful time building snow people. I love the girlie one. Your JA is stunning. I love your ornies they are gorgeous.

jane said...

Lovely photos Barb, everyone is having a good time in the snow. We have had quite a lot here but I've had enough of it now lol.
Youe ornaments are beautiful and the JA is coming along very well.
Sorry to hear you aren't well, hope you are feeling better soon ((((hugs))))

Clare-Aimetu said...

The Snowmen, your family and of course Ollie look like they loved the snow - your roses will be fine too I'm sure.

Great stitching as always :)

Christine said...

Great snow pics Barb, specially the one with the rose, you should have it printed up as a Christmas card.
Lovely ornaments, and nearly there on the JA.
Hope you feel better soon

Lisa said...

The snow is very pretty isn't it, but I've had enough of it now and wish it would go away for this winter lol.
Your stocking is looking wonderful, and I love your ornie finishes, so cute!
Sorry to hear that you've not been feeling good, DD isn't well at the moment and just can't seem to shake it off.

Carin said...

What a great photo's and your ornie's are beautiful !! Belle pepper is on my to-do list too !!

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