Saturday 6 November 2010

First week of November

The year is flying by and almost at its end . How worrying is that. Seems as if years slide off the calendar at a great rate of knots. November brings back memories of Portland Fair which took up the length of one of the streets, we thought it absolutely fantastic to be given a complimentary free ticket for a ride, all the pennies we saved during the year would get spent on trying to win a goldfish (which promptly died the next day poor things) or the inevitable china ornament that seemed to be made of a chalky substance which went to the next jumble sale collection that came along. It was always this weekend of the 5th. Then bonfire night included oh what fun.
Oh well times are different and all has changed no more the up and down horses , the strange and wonderful side shows that you could only see if you were not a child, the boxing matches etc which were oh so tantalizing to an inquisitive child not to mention the bearded lady and so on.Yes folks I am that old!!!! Oh the smells too ,of candy floss and hot dogs toffee apples etc, still I am not here to drift into nostalgic memories of my childhood.

This is the weekend I can start thinking of Christmas as it always seemed to follow the fair and bonfire night. So on that note this is my little finish this week .Sally and I decided we would try and get these done on Sundays as a sal, I started mine on Saturday last so got it finished on Sunday.
Snowy Pines by LHN.

If you did not see the ones I did for Hazel she sent me a pic for you to see.

I have not got a lot to tell you this time and I really must get my stitching fingers working as I have loads to get done. I was going to start, I have got my love to keep me warm ,but it looked really heavy the little I did, so that has been put on hold ,instead I started this and it is stitching up delightfully.

Got a job to put this one down. Martin said why are you stitching a witch Hallowe'en is over, well it is still Autumn ,but it will be done for next year won't it, I said. I would like to stitch the others in this series too.

Last Monday and another Monday is looming is Jane Day with Sally ,this is lovely to stitch ,but I am dreading the mansion that is next,or it seems like a mansion! Anyway here is progress so far

SO that is all folks this time , thankyou for your continuing comments they mean a lot . Take care of yourselves till next time
Hugs n stuff Barb


Lesleyanne said...

I love your LHN finish. You must have had smokin needles - mine took at least a week to finish. I may join you and stitch mine on a Sunday - I still have three or four to do I think. Your halloween wip is gorgeous and I am loving your progress o JA - I must admit I might stitch this one too at sometime. You and Sally are very enabling lol.

angelasweby said...

Your stitching is so lovely. The LHN ornament is perfect to get you in the mood for some Seasonal stitching but, like you, I find it difficult to switch from stitching the rich colours of Autumn and Halloween to the cooler colours of winter.

I absolutely adore your little Fill With Love and Melt Your Heart ornaments. Can I ask who the designer is? I especially love the little stocking which looks as if it's been pulled off the leg of a rag doll :>)

I love events and times of year which bring old traditions to mind. Guy Fawkes Night brings back especially happy memories of childhood bonfires and my dad lighting fire works.
Warm wishes Angela xx

Christine said...

Great stitching Barb, I love the LHN ornament

Karan said...

Lovely memories there Barb. Love the finishes (lucky Hazel). I love the look of your new start & your Jane piece is growing so quickly - enjoying watching it develop. :0)

jane said...

Lovely ornament Barb and your Jane stitching is looking great too.
I agree wiht you I don't know where this year has gone. It's scary wehn time slips away so fast.
I enjoyed reading about your memories of the fair - it sounds like it was something to really look forward to.

Cindy's Stitching said...

love the ornies. They are all so pretty. I hate this time of year. I need sun. The winter drains all my energy. I have to push myself to do things. All I want to do is sleep, like a bear in the winter.

Sally said...

I love your LHN ornament Barb. It is just gorgeous! Hopefully I shall have Frosty Flakes finished tonight.

Love the ornaments for Hazel. I'm going to stitch the one out of the JCS ornament mag of these as it's a robin and they are my favourite birds:)

Loved reading your memories. Times do change don't they but I'm afraid they're not always for the better.

Take care {{{{hugs}}}}

I'm looking forward to Jane tomorrow:) I think the mansion will take the rest of November and beyond!!! Lol!

Hazel said...

Barb, glad you got the pictures. I was worried as I hadn't heard from you. Love your Jane A. I'm going to be doing another one soon. x

Tina said...

Great post Barb,love reading your memories of the fair,we have an old museum in the Black Country which has old fair rides,great fun
Love the JA stocking,won't be long now
your LHN ornie is lovely too

Tina xx

Julie said...

Super little ornament, love the cotton wool snow you photographed with it!

Changes are not always for the good sometimes, the smell of candy floss always reminds me of trips to the seaside

Enjoy your Jane night tonight, cutie little pumpkin on the new start

Kajsa said...

Cute little ornament! Your wips are looking great too!

Mylene said...

The LHN ornament looks great, i love it! Your WIP is looking beautiful.

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