Tuesday, 19 October 2010

oops dont know what happened there

Sorry folks but I have just posted an eighth of my post -have I been subjecting you to this mayhem for almost a year sigh! Well I will give you an update either tomorrow or Thursday as I am not in the right frame of mind to type it all again, However the giveaway post holds leave your comment to be entered on that and it is a bar of soap should you be wondering!!!!!
Going to look in the dusty cupboard for my brain (just typed brian ,whoever he is,argh .
Take care back soon
Hugs n stuff Barb.
Thanks Lesley Anne your comment is counted.


Julie said...

Technology, i could almost use a naughty word whent it doesn't work right... does that a lot for me, i am so techo useless LOL

Looking forward to hearing your news xxxx

Christine said...

An iceberg post (7/8ths of it invisible)!
I'll look forward to the rest of it tomorrow

jane said...

Thought it was a short one Barb.lol

Clare - Aimetu said...

Barb, it's lively to see you posting whatever it's about. Take care x x

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