Sunday 18 April 2010

Hopefully no gremlins this time.....

Well it is now Sunday almost teatime and it has been a really beautiful day, Ollie has just gone off for his daily dip in the sea. As soon as the spring comes and he gets to the fields, and is off his lead, it is head down and go as fast as poss until he gets to the beach. It is a little sandy cove and once he is in the sea its the devils own job to get him out again. Sundays he gets to stay in a bit longer.
Tide is out in the picture above.Much to his disgust.

I have not caught up properly with you as health probs have not been kind, not going into details,but today is a Good day and the sun is shining ,so maybe the cough is getting better (at last) and I shall be back to normal,however that feels!!
Last weekend we had Caitlin to stay as she had a history project to do.Her grandad helped her do something that was invented in medieval times ,a stained glass window. She was a little apprehensive cutting the glass and breaking it but she managed fine and here are some pics to show her progress. This is her design she drew right at the beginning.

Next shows her nailing the pattern to the board then cutting some glass

Practising grinding the glass to shape ,she then had to wash all the cut glass to get pattern markings off.You will have to excuse my messy kitchen.

That was Saturdays progress.
Sunday last week saw this

Sorry about the lead and soldering one not sure how to put it right way up. However we are really proud of her she did good.
When she and grandad had finished we were late to dinner at Kates but not too late!! Then we had to see the whirling dervish on his new bike and the others on theirs.

That was last weekend,this week we had the 2 oldest boys Jack and Sam, they wanted to go to speedway with Grandad on Friday night,Sam came over early Friday and here he is with his first piece of stitching.

Well thats family news for now, Sue been given her instructions regarding the blood disorder,she still has to see the dr about the giddyness on Wednesday this coming week. It is her birthday on Thursday and their 22nd wedding anniverary on the same day.

I can hear you all shouting where is the stitchy news well after the vine can I top that. Thanks for the wonderful comments about it by the way, I have to go ferrett in my drawers (lol) for another ufo for Tuesday.
I have started 2 new stitchy things. I have done a little more on this but will post next week.It is At Home with Jane Austen a sal I am doing with Sally Hazel and Lesley Anne.I am having a problem putting this one down.

Been busy roofing .
Then another new start this one is the Carriage House Samplings one that I got from e bay and I am stitching it over one on Sassys Khaki. Love the colours together.

Stash accumulated is 1.

So there you have it ... a catch up...I am hoping to have progress on QC next time and maybe another finish oohh I do love my stitching.

May I say special thanks to Karan I think the HB worked and everyone is getting sorted bless you you are an angel. Julie you too are a star and kept me up there this week. Sally just for the comment and Heidi for making me smile with her being tired as she has been dancing for both of us. All of you who left a comment I am so touched by your words bless you all.
Ok 24 is on tonight and after just watching Time Team we will be watching Foyles War.
Take care all till I ramble again, not too long with luck.
Hugs n stuff


Christine said...

Caitlin's stained glass is stunning.
Great stash and stitching too

Lainey said...

Your grand-daughter did a brilliant job on her stained glass.
Both wips are looking fab.
Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos.

Mylene said...

Ollie is so lucky to have an open space to play.

The stained glass turned out great and wow! i so envy your new lovely stash.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow your daughter did an awesoe job making that stained glass. Obviously craftiness runs in the family! Your WIPs look great!

Jules said...

Caitlin did an awesome job on that stained glass project. I am going to share this post with a colleague of mine who is doing a MA on something pertaining to stained glass. She will really enjoy it!

I would love to see what your grandson stitches. I think it's cool that you got him into it. Now, if only I could get my dad into it. LOL

Thanks for sharing!!

Julie said...

The stained glass window is wonderful, she gets and A+ for all the effort she put into it. Sam looks real engrossed in his project too, i hope you didn't have to do too much frogging for him!
Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to Sue and her DH. Nice WIP's and new stash too.

Heidi said...

So let's get together and we can do the Oh what a great bit of stash to admire as well as the JA and CHS starts.

Your granddaughter has inherited creative genes obviously as her stained glass window is BEAUTIFUL! I have always wanted to try that. A friend of mine's dad does it and his work is amazing. I think she deserves a top grade for her work.

Hope you are feeling better soon! Happy birthday and happy anniversary to Sue!

Hugs from Holland ~

Karan said...

BIG well done to Caitlin - lovely work! Must have had a good teacher. Nice to see Sam stitching too. Lovely pic of Ollie. :0)
Love the two new WIP's & fab new stash too.
Great to hear everyone is getting sorted - those Angels do some fabulous mojo. :0)
Hope you'll feel up to coming onto the forum more soon - you're sorely missed!

Lynn Bourke said...

Well done to Caitlin for the stained glass! Love the stitching and the stash...

The picture on my blog is of Roddlesworth Reservoir near Darwen - I took it whilst on a walk to the Tower. It is lovely and peaceful around there...

Thanks for your comments on my blog :o)

Anonymous said...

Ollie is adorable.

Congratulations to your daughter on her first stained glass piece. It turned out lovely.

Sally said...

Wow the stained glass looks fantastic!

Nice progress on At Home. I'm really enjoying this piece and, like you, I've just ordered a couple more JA pieces from Tanya while she had 22% off! Your CHS WIP is looking good and very nice new stash!

Tracy Dixon said...

The stain glass window looks great and looked really fun to make. your WIP looks great I love the colour on the fabric you chose and a great start on JA I do love stitching mine x

Karen said...

the stained glass looks fab, hope the tide is out next time lol JJ seems to like the sea now

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