Monday 9 November 2009

A bit chilly this morning

We are very lucky weatherwise in this part of the country ,but this morning it was a chilly 3 deg when Martin took Ollie for his first walk of the day. In fact he had to scrape the frostoff the windscreen of the car before he went . I was still in the arms of orpheus ,well not quite I had the obligatory cup of tea and was enjoying - come to time! I do not do mornings (as DH will tell you) .Mind you after I had fed the birds this morning I was so suprised to see 10 starlings ,yes I did count them,in ,well on, the table under the roof bit.20 more were in the tree but that is an approx figure as they kept moving lol.Perhaps the early bird does get the food lol.

I was very excited as we had a new sofa and a chair , delivered on Friday. I couldn't bear to get rid of the old sofa as I bought it with some money Mum left me. So it had to go in the kitchen! Will take pic so you can see it in its new place. Only problem being Ollie was allowed ,I know , I can hear you ,oohh she shouldn't let dogs on the furniture, however I do not want him to get on the new one as it is a very light colour and I have visions ,and they are not pleasant,of a muddy retreiver reclining on it. I hate having to say no! when he looks so put out that he cannot sit in his favourite place to watch for cats and any other furry or feathered that may come into his vision.Spoilt dog! I have put my little sewing chair in the window and he gets up there to look out, its a little small for him though and you will see what I mean if I get a pic to show you. You really wanted to read that didn't you!!!I did warn you I ramble.
On Saturday we went over to Portland again and Martin(I couldn't, cause I got the card stuck the wrong way in the camera) took a couple of pics for you to see of the view from the top of the Island ,he says he doesn't know how I could get it in the wrong way ,I told him it was quite simple really and would show him if he liked.He was not amused !! For those of you who do not know the area at all ,Portland is not a total Island it is joined to the mainland by Chesil Beach and a road now that links the two. In the olden days there was a ferry that took people across .Portlanders had a reputation of being very insular and wary of kimberlins (people not from the Island) . Gosh this is turning into a history come geography lesson. One last fact St. Pauls Cathedral is built of Portland Stone and quarrying played and still does ,a big part in Portland's economy.
The second pic is the new marina which is being built for the sailing events at the 2012 Olympics.
Now onto the stitching bit, I have almost finished the mail art envelope and I am so pleased with it. I have stitched a little gift to go inside ,so I hope the lady will like it when she receives it. One day you will be able to see it!!! I am stitching a little something from "The Stitcherhood" ,it is not finished yet but thought I had better show you I have been stitching a little.

Also I thought you might like to see "Socks" dear Julie sent me the pattern stitched on 2 needles instead of the usual 4. I bought the wool many moons ago so ,despite it turning my fingers a wonderful shade of blue and turqoise I actually finished them. I am not a knitter really so it was nice to have something that grew so quickly. I washed them and wore them and was dreading the colour my feet would be ,but all ok ,feet normal colour.

Stash wise nothing much to report ,fabby not arrived yet, did order today some threads for another "blackbird "themed design for the wall "Little berries "from LHN. Will show when they arrive.

I would like to thankyou for the sweet comments and I am being followed too, all you hardened bloggers out there can you remember the excitement when you realised other people were reading your "stuff".I just hope I can hold your interest. I am thinking I shall do a little piece on Dorset, my adopted county. You may want to visit if you like what you see ,as it is a lovely place. Ollies bit, Stitching bits, more or less what I have done this time. We will see. I still am trying to get my head round how I do the blog list bit and all the other bits and pieces. DH helped me put the background on that I liked and I have done a couple of blogs that I visit but will add more when things are clearer.

I am now off to the kitchen to make a rice pudding (Ollies favourite) he woofs as soon as it is out of the oven and has to have a little all to himself. One spoilt dog!!
Take care


Barb said...

A comment from me - pics haven't appeared sorry will try harder! Barb

Anonymous said...

What a shame the pics haven't shown themselves. You'll soon have it all mastered Barb. LOL and what a pampered pooch, well so what as long as he is loved!!

Karan said...

Love the background you've added Barb. Don't ever change - it's lovely to read your ramblings. :0)
Have been blogging a while now but I still get excited when a new Follower pops up. It's all a learning curve but you'll soon be a dab hand at it all. And I can just imagine the look on your DH's face when you told him that. ROFL :0)

Julie said...

The background looks great, you'll soon get the hang of the pics.
I'm techni phobic and not allowed near anything unless i have had previous instructions, if it were not for Karen my computer would have been thrown in the bin on many occasions LOL

stitchersanon said...

What a good idea; rice pudding: perfect in this weather.
I am now a follower of your blog. Julie is sending everyone over lol. Threatening to beat us with our floss if we dont pop over hehe.
Glad I found you!

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